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Valdés Páiz Brothers Case

Valdés Páiz Brothers Case

VALDEZ-PAIZ case -The case was CANCELED and the accused were acquitted after several years of torture due to the abuse of the "Provisional Preventive Prison" -Another case fabricated by the former CICIC and the FECI.

3rd Court. of First Criminal Instance, Drug Activity and Crimes against the Environment of Guatemala.

In this case, the spontaneous declaration exposed in hearings of the "Effective Collaborators" called attention, in which one of them declared that he had been forced by representatives of the then International Commission Against Impunity -CICIG who, with the collaboration of the -FECI they had written his confession and that he was forced to testify as they wanted, in exchange for his freedom. Based on said statement, the comptroller judge of the investigation, Mynor Mauricio Moto Morataya, objectively and legally closed the process against the VALDEZ-PAIZ brothers, which in retaliation caused him to be denounced for said resolution, being attacked by him alone. fact of having taken the confession of the “Efficient Collaborator” and having acted based on the Law'.

On August 21 of the present, the team of legal representatives of the VALDEZ-PAIZ brothers, filed three (3) criminal complaints before the Public Ministry of the Republic of Guatemala against, among others, the chief prosecutor of the -FECI Juan Francisco Sandoval Alfaro by;

I. -Hide and deny the delivery of exculpatory evidence to the accused;

II. - Manslaughter, by preventing one of the VALDEZ-PAIZ brothers from leaving the country to receive medical treatment that he could not receive in Guatemala, despite the existence of three (3) final Court Orders ordering his full release;

III. -Present four (4) "False Witnesses" against the Valdez-Paiz brothers.

Valdés Paiz indicó la forma en la que fue víctima por la CICIG
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José Valdés Paiz aseguró que la CICIG utilizó testigos falsos en su contra

Uno de los hermanos Valdés Paiz, dijo que en el primer caso al que fueron vinculados la CICIG utilizó testigos falsos en su contra.