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Designed by the Executive Secretariat of the INTERNATIONAL HUMAN RIGHTS ORGANIZATION -OIDH, its purpose is to facilitate the presentation of petitions for complaints concerning violations of Human Rights, the complaints may be presented by the victims, their relatives, organizations of the civil society or other legally authorized persons.

The form is based on the information required by the Internal Regulations of the -OIDH- to process the petitions received and determine if their Human Rights protected by Treaties, Pacts, Agreements, Constitutional Letters, Instruments, Bilateral Agreements and Multilateral by the signatory and ratifying State accused of the violation, based on the fact that the Instruments in question have Constitutional recognition and hierarchy of mandatory Law.


The form must be filled out as completely as possible and include all the information available in relation to a particular fact that constitutes one or more violations of Human Rights. The writing of the answers should be simple and direct. In the event that the requested information is not available to you or does not exist, you must indicate "information not available" or "not applicable", as appropriate.

Once completed, the form must be sent to the Attorney General's Department of the -OIDH through; Email to the following address:

The form can also be submitted by clicking the “Submit Complaint” button at the bottom of this page. Please note that if you submit the form electronically, you will then be asked to confirm the complaint by mailing it with your signature.

Complaint Form in PDF Format:

Electronic Form for Complaints of Human Rights Violations